Our Art Agency facilitates the sale of artists’ work to museums, galleries, corporations and collectors by representing artists, displaying their work and negotiating sales; in person or through an auction house. 

A few words about the art dealing profession:

Art dealers play a major part in the development of an artist’s career.

As an art dealer, you will also need to work very closely with art collectors and individual customers who

plan on buying art for their homes, restaurants, offices, and other places where art is appreciated.

Just like any other sales job, art dealing is a business about the artists and the client, so you

need to be prepared for the ups and downs that may affect the demand and supply of

artwork. These changes could be anything from economic changes to a client’s

swaying moods or overnight decisions that weren’t planned. Patience is very

important for an art dealer to possess, and the ability to know when to

close a deal is also something an art dealer should focus their efforts

on developing.

It is very important to have deep knowledge and understanding

of a specific area of art, but it is also vital to understand the 

way that people choose to enjoy art as well. Additionally,

art dealers must be great multi-taskers and have a

grasp of marketing and business in the art world.

Good communication and the ability to mediate

between the museum, artist and the public is

also vital.